Galouti Kebab Recipe

About Galouti Kebab Recipe | Kebab Recipes: Galouti Kebab are non-vegetarian kebabs that were invented in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow by the Khansamas of Nawab Asad-ud-Daula for his love for different kebabs. Galouti literally translates to ‘soft’ and that makes this Indian kebab a mouth-melting recipe from Awadhi cuisine. Try this aromatic and flavorsome galouti kebab recipe for the snacks platter at your next dinner party or any get together at home!

Ingredients of Galouti Kebab Recipe | Kebab Recipes: It is said that during the time of inventing, over 150 exotic spices were used to create this gluttony genius. In this delectable kebab recipe, we have used a host of different spices to recreate the authentic awadhi magic. The minced meat (keema) is marinated in a ground spice powder and then deep fried mixed in the batter of gram flour, egg and green chillies. Served with a tang of lime and coriander leaves! It is best enjoyed with mint chutney.