Paneer Fried Rice Recipe

Paneer shines as the main ingredient in this delicious recipe. This recipe is spiced with various masalas and sauces that add extra zing. 

How to Make Paneer Fried Rice


First, take boiled rice. Next, cut the paneer in small cubes, toss it in corn flour and fry them until crispy. Once done, heat a wok and add oil.


To this add ginger-garlic paste, then add fried paneer cubes. Let the flavours mix.


Now throw in veggies life onion, carrots, capsicum and mushroom. Toss them well.


Then add red chilli powder and pepper. Now add soy sauce and mix again.


Check for salt, add as per your taste. Finally add the cooked rice and combine with everything.


Serve hot in a bowl and enjoy!